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The Problem

Sahmik is a Qatar based financial services company that aims to improve access to financial data in the region. The culture and regulations with regards to financial data in Qatar differ from those in western countries. Comparatively, the Qatar Stock Exchange is relatively new, people don't have access to as much financial data, and tools are more rudimentary and predominantly paper based. Some of the most powerful things Sahmik can provide are data sources that give people more insights than even Qatar brokerage firms can, as well as personal online management tools. 

One such tool is their portfolio manager, which enables people to track their stock purchases and trades in a user friendly way. This kind of technology is something western countries take for granted, but it a big step forward in the Qatari market. 

This tool is still in development, but my role while working with Sahmik was to design the initial desktop screens for viewing and managing stocks.

Feature Enhancement

Since the original wires were for mobile, we found ourselves with more space on the screen to add value. The original designs only had room to show market value and value changes of stocks, but on the desktop screen we were able to add other pertinent information. Two wireframes were made, one following the original design and one showing the proposed enhancement. These were presented to the CEO and it was decided that the proposed enhancement will be deployed. 

Original Design

01a1 Portfolio - All Limited (original)

Proposed Enhancement

01a2 Portfolio - All Total (proposed)

Close Collaboration

Since I am not an expert in financial portfolio management, I worked closely with the Manager of Product on these designs, especially for actions like viewing position details and entering a new trade. Luckily, mobile wires of a previous version of the portfolio manager already existed, so our task was to enhance and optimize them for desktop view. Outside of this, I also conducted competitor research to see how other financial services companies designed portfolio management (namely, clicking around in my dad's stock portfolios that he graciously granted me access to!). I felt it was important to understand the industry standard and the fundamental features of portfolio management before diving too far into wire framing.

Viewing Position Details

The goal was to keep everything as simple and intuitive as possible, only giving users the features and information they really need. Considering the market, we did not want to flood users with too many features in the initial release. 

Entering a Trade

03 Portfolio - Enter Trade

A Financial Services Platform just for the Qatar Stock Exchange

Sahmik is an early stage financial services company offering a financial information search engine specifically for the Qatar Stock Exchange. Its range of offerings includes a portfolio manager for users to explore, track and manage stocks with in-depth metrics. Sahmik's mission is to improve access to financial data in Qatar, giving everyone the insights and opportunity to participate in the region's continued growth and success.

As a freelance interaction designer at Sahmik, I assisted with the design of key features and a mobile optimized responsive site.