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The Problem

Sahmik previously did not have a mobile responsive site. This caused significant display issues for mobile users, particularly when viewing tables and charts. My role as a freelance interaction designer was to optimize key screens within the website for mobile.

Home Page

The primary change here was to redesign the dropdown as seen on the desktop version to a modal that would appear when the search bar was clicked. This provided a lot more space for company listings on the mobile screen size. When starting this project I did a lot of comparative competitor research to see how other financial sites designed their mobile experiences. For this particular screen I took inspiration from the Google Finance search.

00e Search - Signed In
home screen_1
home screen_2

Company Overview

The biggest challenge with this screen was how to redesign the table for mobile. Realistically there was only space for one year to be displayed, so it was necessary to design a way for users to switch between years. I explored a few different options including a drop down arrow to display a menu of years. Ultimately, the chosen design simply reused the existing pill button pattern on the chart, maintaining consistency for the user.

01a - Analytics - Overview – 1

Company Financials

Due to various constraints, the table on this screen was left as a side scroll experience. So the biggest change here was the way in which users could change the financial document and time period they were viewing. As a new modal pattern had already been introduced (on the home page), I reused it here by replacing the drop down menus with the 'Change' button, which triggered a modal where users could make their selections.

Financials test. copy – 1


The redesign of this screen was similar to the Financials (above). Replacing the drop down menus with a 'Filters' button that triggered a modal. I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible by reusing patterns and reducing the need for users to learn new behaviors for the mobile experience.

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news 1
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A Financial Services Platform just for the Qatar Stock Exchange

Sahmik is an early stage financial services company offering a financial information search engine specifically for the Qatar Stock Exchange. Its range of offerings includes a portfolio manager for users to explore, track and manage stocks with in-depth metrics. Sahmik's mission is to improve access to financial data in Qatar, giving everyone the insights and opportunity to participate in the region's continued growth and success.

As a freelance interaction designer at Sahmik, I assisted with the design of key features and a mobile optimized responsive site.